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  • Routine Care: maintaining proper oral health requires regular check-ups every six months, your dentist and hygienist can review your home hygiene techniques and remove plaque build-up.
  • Fluoride: this treatment improves oral hygiene by strengthening the enamel of your teeth, should be received twice a year.
  • Sealants: provide a protective coating for the chewing surface of molars to prevent plaque from getting stuck in the grooves of the tooth and causing cavities.
  • X-Rays: taking internal photographs of your teeth once a year will help dentists determine what type of treatment is best for each patient.
  • Deep Cleaning: also called Periodontal Scaling, Root Planning (SRP), used to reduce causes of periodontal disease by removing tartar, plaque, toxins and diseased tissue from the crevice surrounding your teeth and cleans the gum line to remove any further deposits.
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  • Extractions: the removal of a tooth that cannot be saved by a filling or by root canal treatment.
  • Root Canal Treatment: treatment for the inside of the tooth, specifically the nerve or pulp of the tooth-this removes the inflamed or infected nerve and replaces it with a sterile material for tooth preservation. Topped with a crown.
  • Bridge: crosses the space left by a missing tooth or other space that helps secure the teeth on either side.
  • Dentures/Partials: used when a person is missing some or all of their teeth, allowing the person to eat and speak just as their original teeth
  • Cosmetic Whitening: we offer custom whitening trays, internal teeth bleaching, and in-office whitening procedures


  • Fillings: used to rebuild the area of the tooth where a cavity has been, they can be made of composite (a white material) or amalgam, which is silver.
  • Crowns: these dental caps cover damaged teeth to restore strength and functionality as well as the tooth’s appearance. They are cemented permanently in place so they can be cared for and maintained as easily as a regular tooth.
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Space Maintainers: appliances that “hold” the space in a child’s mouth until their permanent tooth erupts, allowing it to grow in properly.

NuSmile Children’s Crowns: these crowns specifically created for children look better and last longer than other restorative options, they are anatomically correct, stainless steel crowns with a tooth-colored coating.

Stainless Steel Crowns: usually used for teeth in the back of the mouth because the strong metal can withstand a child’s chewing and grinding and protect against premature extraction.

Pulpotomy (Baby Root Canal Therapy): when a cavity becomes very deep and enters the nerve of the tooth, it becomes inflamed and infected causing a tooth ache.

Children’s Partials: permanent fake teeth can be used to replace missing baby teeth so that adjacent teeth do not shift out of place, normal oral structure is maintained, and speech is not hindered.

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